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Good workplace data promotes better HR decisions

In this second interview about his work at the GLA, Human Resources Reward and Operations Patrick Alleyne discusses the importance of having robust workplace data for supporting equality.

Worldwide ERC on why diversity needs a new definition for the future

Worldwide ERC’s President and CEO Peggy Smith reveals how diversity and inclusion initiatives are becoming increasingly critical to attracting, engaging and retaining talent.

Diversity in the workplace is everybody’s responsibility

Sandra Kerr, OBE, CBE, National Campaign Director for Race Equality at Business in the Community (BITC), talks about the Race at Work Charter and how companies can move the dial on diversity.

Plexal announces first 10 innovators for OpenDoor – social inclusion programme

The twelve week social inclusion programme will support products, services or projects that make work more inclusive.

Accenture tops Refinitiv Index of World’s most diverse and inclusive companies

Refinitiv announces its index of the World’s Most Diverse and Inclusive Companies, with Accenture topping the list.

Big Four accounting firms pledge to support The Valuable 500

The Big Four professional services organisations latest to join forces on business disability inclusion in support of The Valuable 500.

Embracing not “tolerating”: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

In the second of two interviews, Maria Martins reveals what makes a good Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) professional.

Accenture: putting the I before D to bolster potential

Amanda Leacy, head of global I&D for Accenture, talks about the importance of inclusion in the workplace for enabling people to achieve their full potential.

Women in the automotive industry: Ford UK targeting the gender pay gap

Ford UK has diversity and inclusion firmly in its headlights, from enhanced maternity and paternity packages to diversity councils at local and national level.

Let’s talk about race. Project Race: big, bold and brave on diversity and inclusion

Rob Neil is a long serving civil servant and for the last three years was head of the Ministry of Justice’s Project Race a fixed term and radically new effort aimed at supporting the department’s diversity and inclusion aims and turning the dial on race equality.