HR Acuity launches new tech to bolster employee relations

managER becomes the first employee relations technology platform designed to help managers address workplace issues efficiently

People leaders now have access to employee relations technology to ensure they engage with staff in the right way, every time.

HR Acuity, the only technology platform purpose-built for employee relations and investigations management, has launched managER, a new technology product designed for people leaders that simplifies managing employee issues. managER solves decades-old problems of inconsistent processes, inadequate documentation and ineffective resolutions related to employee performance problems or policy violations. 

“Frontline people leaders are the most direct connection between a company’s brand and their employees,” said Deb Muller, CEO and founder of HR Acuity. “Until now, managers lacked the tools and guidance needed to help them handle everyday employee issues properly. 

“managER provides the framework and technology needed to document employee issues quickly, consistently and fairly – all while building manager confidence. This results in enterprises retaining employees and creating safer workplaces.” 

Muller further explained: “As much as technology has improved how people leaders participate in other areas of HR (coaching, performance reviews and onboarding), the opportunity for technology to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of employee relations at the manager level remains largely untapped. 

“In addition to empowering people leaders, enlarging the scope of data captured related to employee issues delivers a powerful set of predictive insights to identify areas of concern, policy or training opportunities, potential inequities or even bias within organisations.”  

HR Acuity conducted a recent survey on management practices and found that just 2% of employee relations professionals were “very confident” that their managers could effectively address and document employee relations issues. The survey also found that managers lack access to historical data and need better tools to handle concerns in a uniform and compliant manner. managER closes that gap by giving people leaders the technology they need to manage employee matters in real-time.

Key managER features include: 

·         Step-by-step guidance on handling common workplace issues, including assistance in selecting the appropriate issue and built-in guidance to help prepare formal letters 

·         Easily accessible visibility into past employee issues and actions taken to help determine next steps 

·         Seamless workflows to document early warnings or deliver formal notices 

·         Simple, built-in review and approval process for people leaders to get assistance or approvals from HR 

·         Data from the people-leader level compiled into one centralised dashboard, allowing employee relations teams to proactively spot trends and identify patterns  

By enabling people leaders to handle everyday employee issues with more confidence, managER gives HR and employee relations teams more time to focus on broader strategic initiatives and improve consistency and fairness across the organisation. Better processes and earlier engagement also promote trust between employees and their leaders.  

“For us, managER was not a hard sell,” Paula Ramirez, VP of HR Shared Services at Boeing Employee Credit Union, said. “We believe in empowering our people leaders to manage their employees, but we understand that they need the help and guidance that managER provides to them. The product also facilitates communication between employee relations and people leaders. We’re confident that managER will change our culture, driving more accountability for managers.” 

It’s time to upgrade how people leaders handle employee issues on the front lines. Find out more about how managER, powered by HR Acuity, can help at
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