FinTech and Financial Services urged to donate tech to support children from low-income backgrounds

Project highlights the growing demand to diversify the industry by inspiring kids from different backgrounds to look at FinTech

Women of FinTech, a community that bring together industry leaders, is urging FinTech and financial services companies to donate unused tech to help support the homeschooling of children from underprivileged backgrounds.

The independent, not-for-profit has partnered with DebtRegister, to collect unused laptops, computers and other devices from companies, have them wiped clean and distributed to low-income families and households who are struggling because of not having the technology to access online learning.

The STEM project is the brainwave of Gary Brown, founder of DebtRegister. He said: “At DebtRegister we have a passion for creating a level playing field and home learning as it stands is not level. Having grown up knowing what it is like to go without, I wanted to make a difference.

“I have four children who luckily have been able to access their online learning throughout the pandemic, only because I was able to provide them with the technology to do so. However, if this had been me as a child now, I would not have had that luxury.

“Only those who can afford devices to access online learning can do so. This divide creates a problem for diversity and inclusion in our industry, and now we have a chance to change that.

“I saw the pile of old laptops I had in my office, unused only due to recent upgrades and thought there must be other companies out there with the same, so I contacted Women of FinTech to find out how we could make a difference.

“By creating this campaign, we are not only able to support children now but also to ensure the future diversity and inclusion of FinTech by inspiring kids to look at our industry in a positive light.

Women of FinTech advocate promoting diversity and inclusion both now and for the future in the FinTech sector. Founder Gemma Young said: “With so many negative stories over the pandemic, we were very pleased to find a positive one.

“DebtRegister’s wonderful campaign to reach out and help children and families was the icing on the cake, we immediately agreed to help!

“Imagine if the child who gets your old laptop is then inspired by technology and becomes the next Bill Gates.”

This is not the only philanthropist project Gary has supported, in fact, his company was born out of his want to create a fair system where companies are paid what they are owed. 

Businesses are often unable to chase invoices as a priority, even more so now, with many workforces still being stretched thin in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. DebtRegister’s technology allows businesses to report the debt they are owed, and in the UK has been 80% successful in enabling them to be paid directly within seven days. In the US, that success rate is 88.9%.

If you or your company want to get involved in the tech donation project, please contact
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