Executive Solutions hailed for supporting neurodiverse entrepreneurs

Executive Solutions helps neurodiverse entrepreneurs organise their daily work

Being a neurodiverse entrepreneur is not easy, which is why Executive Solutions Agency offers specific virtual outsourcing solutions to support them. At the 5th Midlands Enterprise Awards, they were named Best Neurodiverse Entrepreneur Support Provider 2022.

Executive Solutions Agency has exceeded expectations following its launch in 2020 due to the massive demand for virtual support during the pandemic.

The company provides neurodiverse entrepreneurs with virtual support for administrative tasks such as organising their diaries, managing their inboxes and other professional tasks that can seem difficult and overwhelming.

Massive demand

Initially, clients were all neurotypical, but they started working with a client with ADHD and now have a dedicated team to support neurodiverse entrepreneurs.

Sasha Saville, Managing Director of The Executive Solutions Agency, has learned much from this experience. “It wasn’t until I started working with neurodiverse clients and broadening my knowledge that I really began to understand the impact being neurodiverse can have on an individual and a business owner and how we might be able to help,” she said. 

Personal value

For Saville, supporting neurodiverse people is very important and receiving this award has a personal value: “I grew up with a father and brother who both had difficulties with reading and writing, and my brother was not diagnosed with dyslexia until he was 16. Despite his difficulties, he became an extremely talented electrical and mechanical engineer.”

She continued: “From my brother and my own experience of working with neurodivergent clients, I know that they are very intelligent but often find managing the administration, to-do lists and schedules difficult, overwhelming and all-consuming. This is where my team can really make a difference and free up the client’s time to focus on building a successful business.”

By winning this award, Saville hopes that more neurodiverse business owners and entrepreneurs will hear about her work and know that you don’t have to be the CEO of a large organisation to have access to administrative support and assistance from a team that understands the challenges of being neurodiverse.

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