Barclaycard 2019 everywoman in Retail Awards winners recognised

The changing face of retail: Barclaycard everywoman in Retail Awards recognises seven inspirational women for their dedication to the industry.

Getting global EQUAL-SALARY certified gives a voice to diversity and inclusion

Philip Morris International (PMI) is the first multinational employer to obtain the global EQUAL-SALARY certification.

Working mums calling for more flexibility in the workplace

Despite numerous government policies to incentivise working mums in the workplace, retention is still a significant struggle.

The ‘internal roadblocks’ faced by women that defy country boundaries

While researching for her book, Her Way to the Top, Hira Ali uncovered the career limiting internal roadblocks faced by women across the globe.

Women in Defence: defence community delivers pledge for gender balance

Defence Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan launches Women in Defence Charter.

New £15,000 MBA scholarships for women launched by Oxford University

New scholorships for women launched by Oxford University in partnership with Intesa Sanpaola, levels the educational playing field.

Women in Asset Management: gender diversity exchange app tracks inequality

In our second Women in Asset Management interview, Sophie L’Helias, Founder and President of LeaderXXchange explains why she created the Gender Diversity Exchange app and the importance of having women in the Asset Management industry

Why women in tech need mentorship that goes beyond good intentions

PTC’s Hillary Ashton explains why mentorship must go beyond good intentions, and why women in tech aren’t getting all the advice they need.

Women in tech – best practices for gender equality

Gender equality in the tech sector has a long way to go. Especially when tech’s leaky pipeline sees women leave the industry at a 45% higher rate than men.

Tackle gender stereotypes at work to have better inclusivity

Lead researcher Dr Jill Armstrong discusses gender stereotypes and bias at work and practical steps for improving inclusivity