Diverse talent can now rely on Loop Not Luck for the best-fit job

Diversity doesn't mean compromising on the quality of talent

February sees the launch of Loop Not Luck – the UK’s first intersectional diversity recruiting platform designed to represent and connect diverse talent.

Loop Not Luck was built to improve social mobility across the UK by connecting underrepresented candidates to tailored career opportunities. Loop Not Luck works with junior candidates and covers all industries.

Investing in diversity isn’t just the right thing to do for businesses. It improves profitability, increases the likelihood of capturing new markets, boosts innovation and creates a positive company culture.

Loop Not Luck helps companies improve their diversity without compromising on the quality of talent, whether it is gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social mobility or disability.

State-of-the-art technology

Its in-house state-of-the-art technology harnesses hundreds of self-identified data points, giving candidates a curated shortlist of opportunities and companies a tailored list of potential applicants – all while completely avoiding the potential for AI bias.

Loop Not Luck uses a personalised percentage match system which lets candidates know how closely they are predicted to suit a role. This means employers get applications from diverse, high-quality, interested and qualified candidates. And candidates receive recommended opportunities tailored to their values, interests, qualifications, and working styles.

The automated system means opportunities and candidates are carefully targeted and matched. So, for candidates, no more endless scrolling, searching for the right job, and for employers, no more sifting through piles of pointless CVs to find the ones that are right for them.

Candidates are provided only with their highest quality matches, rather than 1000s of roles that may not be suited to them and that they are unlikely to secure. This streamlined process saves employers time and money whilst allowing them to reduce their time to hire and cost per hire.

Futureproofing job boards

Loop Not Luck has designed and built the future of job boards – optimising the process for both candidates and companies.

“I realised that businesses were missing out on amazing candidates because they didn’t know how to reach them. Diversity doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of talent. In fact, most of our customers have found the opposite to be true.” says Sydney Samuels, Founder & CEO of Loop Not Luck

“We’ve harnessed the power of technology to make it as easy as possible for businesses to find high-quality, diverse applicants and to simplify the job hunt for candidates who have the potential, skills and grit but do not have a pre-existing network to tap into.”

Loop Not Luck has built a talent partnership network of over 50 organisations across the United Kingdom, from small businesses to recognisable names such as The Economist Group, and has attracted over 16,000+ candidates.

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