WithYouWithMe revolutionary tech unlocks employee potential

....and helps build career pathways

In a bold move to bridge the widening digital skills gap, earlier this year, WithYouWithMe launched ‘Grow Potential, an innovative product that enables businesses to unleash the full potential of their workforce and create valuable career pathways.

The groundbreaking platform focuses on reskilling, career development, and employee retention, providing a much-needed solution in the face of the global war for digital talent.

Potential in the digital transformation

The demand for skilled professionals has surged as the economy undergoes a digital transformation, leaving hiring managers scrambling to find and cultivate talent. WithYouWithMe’s latest offering revolutionises traditional recruitment practices by challenging CV screening and introducing a comprehensive talent pipeline system known as ‘Potential.’ This workforce management platform empowers employers to assess individual potential, identify skill gaps, and rapidly upskill their existing workforce.

“Employers worldwide can now leverage our unique platform to unlock an individual’s potential and enable them to swiftly acquire new digital skills,” stated Paul Wahltuch, SVP of Product at WithYouWithMe.

Growth potential

With ‘Grow Potential,’ organisations can navigate the changing landscape of workforce planning, embrace transformative business strategies, and make informed decisions that align with their long-term goals.

WithYouWithMe has partnered with industry giants such as Capita, BAE Systems, EY, Leidos, Fujitsu, and Microsoft, proving the effectiveness of their data-driven employment tool.

The platform matches employees with suitable digital careers by combining psychometric and aptitude testing, allowing businesses to assemble high-performing digital teams.

Even if individuals lack prior experience, the platform’s intensive training programmes ensure they become proficient in digital skills within just 150 hours.

The ‘Grow Potential’ platform empowers employers and HR teams to unlock the true capabilities of their workforce. By adopting a “retrain to retain” mindset, businesses can foster engagement through training and internal mobility, tapping into alternative sources of talent. The platform’s aptitude assessment offers data-driven insights that can be aligned with existing skills frameworks, empowering organisations to make informed decisions about their talent pool.


This innovative approach championed by WithYouWithMe prioritises candidates’ potential over their previous experience, promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. By levelling the playing field, the company supports underrepresented groups, including women, neurodivergent individuals, and veterans.

WithYouWithMe’s collaboration with The Royal Lancers, the British Army’s premier reconnaissance Regiment, exemplifies their commitment to closing the digital skills gap. Together, they are building a capability program that will serve as a blueprint for addressing the Army’s digital challenges and identifying soldiers with natural talents for key digital roles.

Tom Larter, COO of WithYouWithMe, emphasised the significance of creating meaningful career pathways, stating, “Businesses must prioritise reskilling, career development, and retention like never before.”

With an impressive response from renowned organisations, WithYouWithMe is set to support numerous global enterprises in achieving their business transformation objectives.

With the launch of ‘Grow Potential,’ WithYouWithMe has positioned itself at the forefront of the digital skills revolution. By unlocking employee potential and creating clear career pathways, this platform aims to reshape the future of talent acquisition, training, and workforce optimisation.

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