Thrive HR partners with Engage Mentoring to bolster belonging in the workplace

The hope is to leverage technology to grow inclusive cultures of diverse talent

Thrive HR Consulting is offering a new service to help employers upskill their workforce and promote inclusion and belonging in the workplace.

The consulting firm is partnering with Engage Mentoring to provide technology that connects employees with mentors to help them grow their skills on various topics and foster a sense of belonging.

Using a proprietary software system, the model helps employees develop through forging relationships with qualified mentors throughout the business community while acquiring the necessary skill set to become good mentors themselves.

The programme includes three tracks: Developing Leaders, Project Lead for Women and the Pride Leadership Forum.

“We believe access to relationships is critical when it comes to workplace culture, and we like that Engage Mentoring’s model allows employers of all sizes to offer this development opportunity to their employees,” says Jason Walker, Co-founder of Thrive HR Consulting.

“Beyond that critical mission, employers are now, more than ever, looking for meaningful ways for employee engagement and inclusion. This program can be a powerful strategy to achieve that within their workforce.”

For Engage Mentoring, the new partnership accelerates the continued expansion of their programming nationally.

Engage in mentoring

“Engage Mentoring is a technology platform that simplifies the mentoring process for participants and allows them to access critical relationships to develop skills, meet new people, and build lasting relationships,” explains Alison Martin, Managing Director of Engage Mentoring.

“The partnership with Thrive HR Consulting is ideal because we are both able to work with companies of all sizes, not just enterprises, which means small and mid-size companies can now offer structured mentoring as a way to attract, retain, and develop talent.”

 Additional details on the Engage Mentoring workplace model are available at

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