Female talent championed at International Women’s Day event

MyKindaFuture hosts International Women’s Day event to explore how female talent can be better supported within UK business.

How to diversify the tech talent pool, according to Revolent Group

Nabila Salem, president of Revolent Group, discusses how organisations can diversify their tech talent pool.

TripActions: fostering a good attitude, grit and a no-limits mindset

TripActions Meagen Eisenberg has navigated the ‘bulldozers’ to carve out over 20 successful gender-neutral years in marketing.

Games industry pledges to #RaiseTheGame following new census report

New #RaiseTheGame pledge launched following the release of the UK games industry’s diversity census results.

Who will be a winner? The Women in IT Awards New York 2020 shortlist is out

Excitement builds as shortlisted nominees take one step closer to being crowned a winner at the Women in IT Awards New York 2020.

Cleverism shares the latest stats on Women in Tech

Martin Luenendonk, CEO & Co-Founder of educational jobsite, explains why progress to increase the number of women in tech remains slow.

E2W’s 2020 outlook. A cure for insomnia: truth or consequences

Here’s to 2020, and let’s hope it comes with an accelerated pace of change for female equality in the workplace, says Mark Freed, CEO of E2W, who have been supporting women in their financial services careers since 2002.

UK Tech Workplace Equality Report reveals true levels of pay disparity

Hired reveals pay discrepancy and discrimination against diverse people in UK tech with four tips on how to avoid disparities.

Women in security on the up at specialists International SOS

International SOS’ very own ‘Carrie Mathison’ discusses women in security and how to attract and retain them.

General Election 2019: rival parties set out plans to tackle gender pay gap

Labour pledges to accelerate measures to close the gender pay gap by 2030, while Lib Dems sets sights on ‘pink tax’.