Ethnicity Pay Gap

Financial services firm asks BAME communities to take part in ethnicity pensions gap survey

Interactive Investor is asking BAME communities to take part in a survey to explore pensions inequities

“It’s important to hold themselves accountable,” speakers discuss workplace demands at WIT GLOBAL

Equity in remote working, the meaning of belonging in an organisation, and next-gen workforce demands were some of the hot topics tackled in the event’s sessions.

US investment firm holds corporates to account on inequality figures

A US investment manager is hitting corporates with resolutions to make them publish their gender and ethnicity pay gap data. Will their investors care?

Human-centric innovation: how to drive a trusted D&I future

Fujitsu’s Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing – Kelly Metcalf – shares her top predictions for D&I in 2021

Lost on starting with ethnicity pay gap reporting? Gapsquare is here to help

Reporting on your organisation’s ethnicity pay gap may not be required by the Government, but is required for success

Lloyds becomes the first major bank to publish their ethnicity pay gap

Lloyds Banking Group reveals that its black staff are being paid nearly 20% less than their colleagues in new report

Ethnicity pay gap reporting – A walk across the minefield

As an employer and as a provider of payroll and HR solutions, Jeff Phipps is curious about ethnicity pay gap reporting. Here is why…

50 Years on from the Equal Pay Act, why is there still a gender pay gap?

As we reach the 50th Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, a report suggests that the gender pay gap will not close for another 60 years.

CBI urges firms to reveal ethnicity pay gap data

New CBI guide shares key recommendations on how companies of all sizes can ‘Bridge the Gap’ in ethnicity pay.

Data Innovators join forces to launch ‘Fast-Track Gender Pay Gap’ service

New fast track analytics services makes it easier for companies to comply with UK gender pay gap reporting legislation.