employee wellbeing

COVID-19 hampers inclusion and belonging for Black employees

As businesses battle to survive the economic effects of the pandemic, D&I objectives have fallen by the wayside and this is effecting some employees more than others, says a new report

Majority of working mothers have been refused furlough

More than 70% of working mothers who asked to be furloughed for childcare reasons since schools shut have been refused

Few employees feel that their employer truly cares

New research says that only a quarter of employees said their employer was genuinely concerned about their wellbeing

How can we make flexible work policies more inclusive?

2020 has seen the rise of flexible work policies, but what can be done to make them more inclusive in the future?

Senior management is failing to support workplace wellbeing, study finds

For businesses to implement effective mental wellbeing strategies, senior management must start providing better support

Why you should value your ADHD employees

Anna Jakielaszek explains why despite negative stereotypes, your ADHD employees could in fact be your best asset

Angel Business Club launches mental wellbeing webinar

Geoff McDonald’s new mental wellbeing webinar hopes to inspire employers and managers into positive action in the workplace

Burnout and work-related stress is on the rise in the UK

Ahead of National Stress Awareness Day on November 4th, health experts advise on how to prepare for a spike in workplace burnout

Centrepoint: trust is key if you want your remote workers to shine

Seyi Obakin, CEO of Centrepoint on “an exceptional time to be in leadership” and the importance of gaining trust

6 ways employers can ensure employee wellbeing with a remote workforce

The ‘second wave’ of the pandemic is causing havoc for businesses across the UK. Now’s the time to act on employee wellbeing