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From Cleopatra to Lilly Ledbetter – the evolution of women’s financial rights over the ages Part II

Part II of the history of women’s financial rights looks at how activism played a role in improving their lot

The evolution of women’s financial rights over the ages

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Fearless Woman campaign spotlight: Nilly Sikorsky

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New Fearless Woman campaign applauds women in investing

City Hive celebrates the 50th year of women investing

City Hive urges corporates to ACT now with new industry kitemark

New Action, Culture and Transparency (ACT) kitemark will drive cultural change within the investment management industry

Founding corporate members stand with City Hive to commit to inclusion

The investment management industry must collaborate to attract future talent and close the gap, states City Hive

Investment industry urged to collaborate to close gender pay gap

With the gender pay gap reporting deadline looming a month away numbers are expected to be worse not better than last year

Diversity champion is a role model for the investment industry

Justin Onuekwusi talks about how improving diversity can be better for business, especially in the investment industry.