Speaker Spotlight: Crystal Downie

Crystal Downie is excited to be speaking at the Women in IT Summit UK 2023. Here's why...

Crystal Downie is the Executive Director at JPMorgan working in CIB Markets Technology. She also sits on the London Technology Leadership team overseeing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, has instigated various initiatives around senior leaders’ sponsorship and mentorship, and is passionate about social mobility.

Crystal, what inspired you to join the Women in IT UK Summit on 18 May?

I’m excited to be with like-minded individuals passionate about changing the status quo, breaking down barriers and ensuring equality for all.

You are participating in the Great Resignations to Great Reinventions: Keeping Women and Underrepresented Groups Alive in Tech’s Future Equation panel. What will you be talking about? 

In an industry where diversity is valuable for the creation of new developments, women and individuals from underrepresented groups are key to making this possible! We need to talk about the systemic changes that need to happen to make this possible to enable these groups to pursue their aspirations. This starts from a young age in engaging them to pursue careers in STEM right up to the workplace, ensuring there is an equal balance at all levels of the organisation. 

What do you hope delegates will leave with on the day as a consequence of attending?

I hope they will leave feeling motivated and empowered to make a difference and take away at least one thing they will change to help others or themselves.

Why should someone attend the Summit this year?

It is open to everyone keen to learn more about the inequalities we have in our industry and what else they can do to make a difference.

Hear more from Crystal at the Women in IT Summit UK 2023 on 18 May. To find out more and register for a place, please click here.

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