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Advice Direct Scotland is back with the Workplace Equality Fund

This year 13 equality and inclusion projects were funded

The pandemic has pushed workplace equality to breaking point

As coronavirus continues to take its toll, Talking Talent calls organisations to bring diversity and inclusion back to the top of the business agenda

The Future is Greater for workplace equality when you have a vision

Having a coach and mentor is essential to overcome obstacles to career success; especially when you have a vision

Peer calls on Government to commit to levelling up workplace equality

Conservative peer uses private member’s bill to help make new Government’s commitment to levelling up a reality.

UK Tech Workplace Equality Report reveals true levels of pay disparity

Hired reveals pay discrepancy and discrimination against diverse people in UK tech with four tips on how to avoid disparities.

Gender equality in the UK workplace: the impact of the new budget

Hunt’s new budget is set to improve gender equality for parents, but is it enough to make a significant change?

Little progress made in workplace racial equality since 2018 

Comfort levels around discussing racism have barely changed

L’Oréal Philippines renews commitment to workplace gender equality – in favour of men

L’Oreal Philippines improves gender representation with EDGE Assess recertification

Driving Equality in the Workplace: 5 Tips to Becoming an Equality Champion

At Salesforce, we believe companies can be powerful platforms for social change. And that our highest purpose is to create a world where everyone has equal rights, equal pay, equal access to education, and equal opportunities to succeed.

Flexibility for everyone contributes to gender equality in the workplace

Workplace flexibility won’t affect your bottom line