Prince Harry defends mental health in new video

In this new video, Prince Harry continues his work for mental health

Prince Harry is a true advocate for mental health, which is why his position as Chief Impact Officer (CIO) at BetterUp, a San Francisco-based leadership coaching company, suits him so well. 

In the short film “Transform With Mental Fitness”, the Duke of Sussex sits down with organisational psychologist Adam Grant, snowboarding Olympian Chloe Kim and long-time BetterUp member Blu Mendoza to open introspective conversations. 

The film highlights shared experiences, philosophies and positive habits that everyone can tap into to create and sustain a mental health practice. The conversation presents mental health as a proactive approach and practice that promotes wellbeing, performance and growth.

“Almost every day, I hear from people who have realised that when we proactively take care of our mental health, just as we do with our physical health, we can equip ourselves with incredible tools and resources to unlock our full potential and take on new challenges, said BetterUp’s Director of Impact, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. It’s about normalising training and healthy practices for our minds.”

The aim is to reframe the mental health debate from focusing on fixing the mind to a proactive approach of working the mind like a muscle. It also emphasises that by relying on a support system through coaching and human connection, people can achieve real transformation.

The main message is also to promote and communicate the benefits of proactive mental health in personal and professional life. 

If you’ve never heard of mental fitness, you’ll learn it’s about ‘taking your fingers off the pause, pressing play to live your life and keep moving forward,’ explains Mendoza. 

You can visit Better Mental Fitness to learn more about starting a mental fitness practice and see more content from the full conversations about the transformational journeys of the guests.

The full conversation between Blu Mendoza and Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, will be available to BetterUp members through the BetterUp app on Tuesday, July 19.

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