People, performance and development: businesses’ most important assets

The first step to optimising performance is realising that people are your most valuable assets

Ayming launches People, Performance & Development business line. They also explain that a business’s most important asset is its people.

All companies know that employee wellbeing is the key to success. But how can they better organise the workplace? Ayming, the international innovation and performance consultancy, announces the launch of its new People, Performance & Development (PPD) business line to support organisational change, effective leadership and performance optimisation. 

Invest in people 

There is no doubt that the pandemic has had an impact on the organisation of work. The ‘Great Resignation’ has permanently altered professional attitudes towards employee empathy, development and general wellbeing. As a result, managers and business owners have begun to acknowledge the commercial advantages of investing more in the personal development of their employees.

Seeing demand across all sectors for greater employee coaching and development, Ayming has created a sophisticated consulting and training service. The team, which includes the recently appointed ex-England netball captain Serena Guthrie MBE, devises bespoke programmes delivered over a sustained period and tailored to a businesses’ culture and particular objectives. 

Team development

You can learn how to attract talent, improve diversity and inclusion, or support those returning to work following time off. Each programme can combine in-person group sessions, one-to-one development, or globally certified and CPD accredited digital learning to increase retention and impact.

The new business line is a natural step for Ayming UK. Not only does Ayming already have an established HR consulting practice in France, but the company has always placed a lot of emphasis internally on individual and team development, which has informed the development of its PPD offering. Recently, Ayming launched its ‘Ayming Academy’ app for internal performance development, as well as being certified as a Great Place to Work.

Martin Hook, Managing Partner at Ayming, explains that this launching PPD is just one of the ways that we’re committing to accelerating progress toward a more productive and sustainable future. “We really see this as innovation in a slightly different form to what people traditionally think of, and therefore see a huge cross-over with our existing services. While R&D enhances products, this will enhance people, which is equally critical to business success.  PPD provides businesses with practical, workable solutions to address the often neglected ‘social’ and ‘governance’ side of ESG principals.”

People are everything

Scott Ward, Partner of People, Performance & Development, continues in the same way. “The market is reacting to a problem and seeking a reactive wellbeing provision, but the truth is, there’s no silver bullet, and lots of businesses are still looking for answers. Unfortunately, how our economy works means most big organisations follow the same top-down processes that have always characterised traditional management structures”. 

It’s important to say it again. “The first step to optimising performance is realising that a business’s most important asset is its people and showing true leadership by demonstrating self-evaluation, empathy and vulnerability”, Ward concludes.

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