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The rise of flexible working – why businesses need to adapt

There could be an end in sight for the days of traditional 9 to 5, office-based working patterns, with more and more people seeking job opportunities that cater to flexible working.

As a leader how did you affect the mental health of your people today?

Leaders unknowingly or unknowingly impact the mental health of their people every single day, says Natasha Wallace, Chief Coach at Conscious Works

How confident are we when talking about mental health at work?

1 in 7 people experience mental health problems in the workplace. Which industries are working the hardest to bring these figures down?

Mental health allies lead the way in MediaCom’s inclusion strategy

The MediaCom mental health ally scheme, novel recruitment process, and reverse mentoring are fostering an inclusive environment

Cultivating a fair workplace: the Nursing & Midwifery Council way

Diversity and inclusion, internally and externally, is high on the agenda at the Nursing & Midwifery Council. Here’s why…

How businesses can attract, onboard, and retain college graduates

Tips on how businesses can better their workplace, so that it appeals to college graduates and prevents them from wanting to leave.

5 reasons why businesses can’t afford to not be inclusive

Many businesses preach about the importance of being inclusive and everyone having a say in making decisions. Sometimes, however, reality doesn’t reflect this.

The rise of presenteeism and its impact in the workplace

Lucinda Pullinger, Global Head of HR at Instant Offices, explores the rise and impact of presenteeism in the modern workplace

CISO: Why the role is no longer about working in ‘black’ and ‘white’

In the first of two features, we explore why working in ‘black and white’ is no longer an option for Jadee Hanson, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and VP of Information Systems, at leading data loss protection company Code42.

How inclusivity will grow your business

Growing your culture is key to exponentially scaling your business and inclusivity is pivotal to achieving this. When leadership create conditions for diverse thinking, the whole business can thrive.