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Getty Images plays role in decolonising access to black culture

A media business built by a wealthy family dynasty is embarking on a project that will see the release of thousands of its privately held images to Black storytellers

UK black founders are more likely to hire diverse teams

The makeup of UK tech businesses are more likely to be diverse if launched by black founders, says new 10×10 report

#IAM Talking About Black the catalyst for change in the investment industry

The #TalkAboutBlack, #IAM Campaigns and Accelerate your Career Conference signal the time for change in the investment industry

Three day celebration tackles COVID-19 for the Black tech community

As diversity in tech slips down the list of priorities, Colorintech celebrates the Black tech community during COVID-19

The Black British Business Awards reveals 2020’s outstanding black talent

Going into its seventh year, The Black British Business Awards continues to celebrate the strength of the black British community

Why is Black talent ‘opting out’ of corporate America?

The Black talent exodus: will the current climate force corporate America into action to stem the tide?

8 tips to support black colleagues during a pandemic of racism

Following weeks of anti-racism protests, organisations are being challenged with how to support black colleagues in the workplace

How CEOs, line-managers, HR and D&I practitioners can support Black colleagues

Listen, learn, act and self-educate—just some of the things you can do to support Black colleagues at work.

Hear Me: Stories from Black Executives

From being denied promotions to getting accosted at airports, African Americans relay what happens to them that doesn’t to others …

New study shows mixed bag for ethnic minority inclusion

Structural racism is still a problem, although companies have responded well to the Black Lives Matter demands, says a new study