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Truths were told at the inaugural DiversityQ D&I Practitioners Summit

From valuable tips, courses, book recommendations and straight-talking, the DiversityQ D&I Practitioners Summit had it all.

Carnival UK joins forces with Evenbreak to increase inclusion

Carnival UK makes strives to become an inclusive employer of choice by teaming up with the UK’s most accessible job board.

Joanne Lockwood: treat transgender and non-binary people as people

Employers need to do more to support people who are transgender or non-binary and not allow them to be afraid of who they are. Joanne Lockwood, an inclusion and belonging specialist, explains how.

UK Tech Workplace Equality Report reveals true levels of pay disparity

Hired reveals pay discrepancy and discrimination against diverse people in UK tech with four tips on how to avoid disparities.

Accenture tops Refinitiv Index of World’s most diverse and inclusive companies

Refinitiv announces its index of the World’s Most Diverse and Inclusive Companies, with Accenture topping the list.

Diversity and Inclusion: Better inclusion equals a bigger pie for everyone

In this interview, Diana Cruz Solash tells DiversityQ about her plans to transform Infor into a leader in inclusion and diversity by setting the right policies, programmes and culture.

Finalists announced for the Black British Business Awards

2019 Black British Business Awards (BBBAwards) showcases the outstanding achievements of black British business leaders throughout the UK.

How inclusivity will grow your business

Growing your culture is key to exponentially scaling your business and inclusivity is pivotal to achieving this. When leadership create conditions for diverse thinking, the whole business can thrive.

7 diversity hiring tips for SMEs

Hiring the right talent for your SME is essential, but are you thinking about diversity?

Big businesses partner for global LGBTI equality

New global business initiative provides a platform to accelerate LGBTI workplace equality and inclusion worldwide, backed by WEF.