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How HR can practically improve inclusivity using data

People analytics is a powerful tool that can aid HR professionals in their recruitment, retention, and culture efforts, say Hibob.

Women in Asset Management: proving gender is no longer relevant

For our Women in Asset Management Awards we spoke with two inspirational women about how to succeed, while supporting other women in the industry.

Diversity and Inclusion: Better inclusion equals a bigger pie for everyone

In this interview, Diana Cruz Solash tells DiversityQ about her plans to transform Infor into a leader in inclusion and diversity by setting the right policies, programmes and culture.

Key factors female-led businesses need to consider to secure funding

Sam Smith, founder and CEO of finnCap Group plc, summarises the key factors female-led businesses need to consider when seeking to raise growth capital. She also outlines some of the challenges they face.

To empower female businesswomen, we need to break down the myth of the self-made entrepreneur

Studies suggest that investors are biased against women. Fix this, and the business landscape could change as well

IWD: Catalyst launches #BiasCorrect campaign to tackle unconscious gender bias in the workplace

Catalyst is marking IWD by launching #BiasCorrect campaign to tackle gender equality issues in the workplace: unconscious gender bias.

How to be an effective diversity and inclusion leader

Tech professional Abed Farhan shares his insights on diversity and inclusion friendly leadership

Beating the Bias: the future is bright for women in male-dominated sectors

Words of wisdom from women in the most gender-skewed industries in the UK

The business of diversity: how a diverse workforce makes money