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How to support staff wellbeing and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to take its toll, Lawyer Francesca Mundy shares how to support staff wellbeing and mental health

Mental health and wellbeing whitepaper offers practical advice to UK businesses

Wellbeing in the workplace is gathering more attention, yet business owners and managers are often left in the dark on how to help those struggling with mental ill-health.

Mental Health Awareness: workplace wellbeing improves with age

Big or small be mindful of good mental health wellbeing in the workplace

Penny Power is an author, entrepreneur and business owner who openly admits to having struggled with her own mental health.

How the C-Suite can improve men’s mental health

Thom Dennis shares some of the influencing factors facing men’s mental health

Claro wellbeing platform helps businesses empower their teams

New tool helps businesses retain employees, compete for talent and boost team productivity

UK employees remain uncomfortable discussing mental health at work

Aviva study reveals only 5% of employees would speak with their colleagues in HR

Osborne Clarke launches new Wellbeing at Work Strategy

Strategy addresses work related causes of poor mental wellbeing

Freedom Services: 4-day week boosts wellbeing and performance

Freedom in the way employees work is yielding positive results

UK mental health crisis fuels rise in firms offering wellness benefits

Companies offering wellness benefits and counselling services see a surge in job adverts