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Axiom’s diversity statistics eclipse legal industry standards

Axiom’s 2018/2019 Diversity Report cements its commitment to diversity and inclusion across its entire employee population.

ONS figures reveal an Ethnicity Pay Gap far worse than the gender gap

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal the latest Ethnicity Pay Gap figures – the disparity in pay for different ethnic groups across the UK.

Lloyd’s of London bans drugs and alcohol with a new code of conduct

Lloyd’s of London takes major steps to curb inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment in the workplace with a new code of conduct that bans drugs and alcohol from its building.

The shaming of Liam Neeson shows honesty is not an answer to racism

We are getting better at identifying our prejudices. But that is only the first step to a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Three in ten UK employees discriminated against at work

How to avoid workplace discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace continues to be an issue, despite being against the law

Diversity first: why ‘quota’ is a dirty word

Race and the workplace: 5 ways businesses can use BAME employee networks for growth

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