Nakisa Hanelly introduces enhanced diversity and inclusion functionality for HR teams

French Gender Equality Index influences the latest addition to the Nakisa Hanelly Insights suite measuring diversity, parity, and inclusion

Nakisa has increased diversity and inclusion (D&I) functionality to its Hanelly product to provide business leaders and HR professionals with sophisticated D&I reporting tools to track and measure their progress on diversity.

Hanelly integrates recommendations from the French Gender-Equality Index for compensation and pay equity, performance, and career success—allowing global organisations to measure how they rank against these guidelines and take targeted approaches to address inequalities.

“A focus on leveraging D&I analytics has gone from being a compliance matter for HR to an absolute priority for companies. Global enterprises are taking D&I analytics into account for everything from hiring to company reorganisations,” said Babak Varjavandi, CEO of Nakisa.

“We’re proud to offer an org design tool that enables enterprises to track and meet their D&I targets holistically and effectively.”

Nakisa, is a privately held global technology company specialising in organisational design and business transformation solutions. The new Hanelly D&I features enable companies to:

  • Automate detection of definable D&I categories such as education, age, experience, gender, ethnicity.
  • View customised charts to analyse current diversity trends and figures.
  • Understand company-specific prioritizations and recommended actions to resolve opportunity and diversity pay gap inconsistencies and encourage parity.
  • Monitor success of D&I initiatives quarterly.

The benchmark

The French Gender-Equality Index, a unique tool developed and mandated by the French government in 2018 to improve compliance with gender equality initiatives in Europe, has become the world standard approach to target inequality in the workplace — prompting Nakisa to choose it as its benchmark for its latest D&I software release.

Scoring on a total of 100 points, the Index is based on the following criteria:
  1. The pay gap percentage between those of the same age group and job category (40 points).
  2. The gap in individual salaries between women and men (20 points).
  3. The gap in promotion rates between women and men (15 points).
  4. The percentage of individuals benefiting from salary increases upon return from parental leave (15 points).
  5. The number of women amongst the company’s top 10 earners (10 points).

By applying these targeted measures to any diversity initiative, Nakisa Hanelly’s D&I features, delivered out-of-the-box, serve as a 360-degree comprehensive tool to review and improve on every area of diversity, parity, and inclusion strategies, from gender equity to cultural inclusion.

The solution’s diversity metrics, which continue to track the effectiveness of any proactive initiatives quarterly, help make workplace inequalities identifiable, empowering employers to pinpoint where efforts need to be focused on improving their diversity score, simply and meaningfully.
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