Minority Groups #leadforchange on the National Day for Staff Networks

Diversity network groups in organisations across the UK celebrate the National Day for Staff Networks on Wednesday 8th May 2019.

Diversity network groups in organisations across the UK celebrate the National Day for Staff Networks on Wednesday 8th May 2019.

Also known as Networks Day, the national day for staff networks aims to raise awareness of the support and voice staff networks provide to employees from under-represented or minority groups as they endeavour to navigate the organisation’s culture and processes that may prevent them from progressing and/or being their authentic self in the workplace. The day encourages networks to collaborate in their celebration and work with their employers to foster an inclusive workplace.

The theme for 2019 is #leadforchange and networks are encouraged to think about how they can be beacons of support and a strong voice articulating solutions to the challenges facing different groups in the organisation. More now than ever, network groups will need to be organised, clear about their purpose and employ tools to measure their impact. It’s time for network groups to arise and lead the way!

Founder of the day, Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE says: “This is the only day in the world that recognises that added value networks bring to the workplace. Because of their insight, experience and intelligence, networks can lead the way in helping the business navigate change. They devise practical, creative and commercially viable solutions to help address the systemic challenges faced by certain groups. Put simply, effective staff networks are making work better.”

Organisations from a variety of sectors including Santander, Cabinet Office, and NBC Universal, NHS and Purple Space are recognising the day as they understand the effective contribution that networks bring to the business and service users.

Now in its third year, there are three aspects to the campaign:

Celebrate: To encourage employers across the UK to acknowledge and celebrate how staff networks, through their insight, innovation and intelligence, add value and help make constructive use of difference thus improving the corporate health of the organisation.

Inspire colleagues: Given the ‘intersectionality’ of employees, identify ways how they can work together in the future to inspire by sharing their story and continue to raise awareness and foster inclusion in the workplace.

Transform the organisation: Influence the conversation about staff networks so that they are seen as business critical and effective mechanisms of voice, innovation and inclusion.

This year, the day is sponsored by The Peabody Group.

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