Informatica: supporting women in tech, no matter their age

In this Woman in Leadership episode, DiversityQ’s editor Cheryl Cole speaks with Tracy Quah at Informatica to discuss multigenerational workforces and the importance of paying it forward in tech.

Tracy Quah leads a rigorous marketing team at Informatica and has been instrumental in spearheading Informatica’s global-wide effort to promote gender equality in the workplace and encourage female leadership in technology and data.

In 2019, Tracy launched Women in Data Leadership (WiDL), a community that recognises female leaders and data champions. She drove the first WiDL programme for Informatica, targeting female CIOs and CDOs from the region’s Fortune 500 and Global 2000 accounts.

Today, she facilitates several community engagement activities to connect like-minded women in data and support them in their journey to data leadership.

Here she opens up more about the wonderful work the region is doing to promote gender equality.

Tracy Quah is a supporter of the Women in IT Asia Awards. Nominate your candidate for the 2023 awards now by visiting here.

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