Cognassist and BAME Apprentice Network unite to close neurodiversity support gap

Non-white neurodiverse individuals are less likely to receive a diagnosis

Neurodiversity assessment and training provider Cognassist is partnering with the BAME Apprentice Network, with network members now able to access Cognassist Digital Cognitive Assessments for free.

The BAME Apprentice Network is dedicated to closing the diversity gap in apprenticeships, and by offering its members free cognitive assessments, Cognassist is helping diverse apprentices gain cognitive information to enrich their educational and professional lives.

The two organisations seek to highlight the importance of “equality within high-quality learning environments”, and plan to continue to work together to support neurodiverse talent from non-white backgrounds.

The partnership forms part of a wider campaign called Underresearched and Undiagnosed; launched with writer and broadcaster Chanté Joseph, it aims to raise awareness of the struggles of non-white neurodiverse individuals, who are less likely to be diagnosed with certain neurodiverse conditions than their white counterparts.

Kasim Choudhry, Non-Executive Director of the BAME Apprentice Network said: “The team at Pathway Group are proud of the collaboration and the partnership, we would like to congratulate Cognassist for supporting our mission and leading on this joint cause.

“When you have the right people together, it will eventually lead to the policymakers, key partners and stakeholders to make the necessary commitment and improve the sector as a whole, so it works better for all.”

Chris Quickfall, Cognassist CEO, noted: “This is such a vital partnership for us and the apprenticeship sector in general. The Network’s mission of closing the diversity gap in apprenticeships is the same as our mission to ensure no learner is left behind, and there’s lots of work to be done!

“We believe everyone can succeed if barriers to learning are properly addressed and removed, but unfortunately, some of us face more barriers than others. Awareness and consideration of intersectionality are vital when approaching the problems we face and this partnership embodies that.”

To find out more about the BAME Apprentice Network, click here. Further information about Cognassist can be found here.

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