Diversity and Inclusion: Better inclusion equals a bigger pie for everyone

In this interview, Diana Cruz Solash tells DiversityQ about her plans to transform Infor into a leader in inclusion and diversity by setting the right policies, programmes and culture.

Why diversity and inclusion must be embedded in the culture

Rita Trehan, global strategist, makes a case for building a business culture where diversity and inclusion plays an integral part.

Returners’ Programme helps dxw digital to re-launch careers

dxw digital is piloting a Returners’ Programme to provide opportunities for skilled people to re-enter the workplace after an extended period away. Managing Director David Mann explains why this is good for business and improving diversity.

How businesses can recruit and retain the blind and partially sighted

Phil Clisby explores the ways businesses can better include the blind and partially sighted by adjusting their recruiting process and improving working environments.

Board diversity in the US is on the rise, but still has a way to go

Statistics show that US companies are beginning to create a more diverse boardroom. But while boardroom diversity is increasing, Deb DeHaas believes it’s far from a level playing field.

Uber drives diversity through targeting executive bonuses

Ride-hailing company, Uber seeks to increase the number of women and underrepresented people in leadership roles.

Do you have a disabled child or children? Should your employer care?

Suzy Rowland, Founder and CEO of the #happyinschool project, on whether employers should extend benefits to employees with disabled children.

Macho madness – getting around the diversity problem of innovation

Innovation has a diversity problem – one borne of macho madness. Alf Rehn, Professor of Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark, explores the impact of macho madness and lack of diversity within the innovation industry and how this can be solved.

Shared Parental Leave: discrimination against working fathers?

Almost half of fathers who have taken time off to look after their new born children have suffered Shared parental leave discrimination at work according to a recent survey commissioned by software company PowWowNow.

How can employers retain employees amidst a changing work culture?

The way we think about ‘work’ is changing and to move with this curve, leaders need a new lens through which to view workers who are more demanding than ever—and new policies that address their reality.