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Knowledge sharing spurs the inaugural virtual Women in IT Summit Europe 2020

Tech has revolutionised the ‘new normal’; but how far can it go in ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion?

Businesses must be transparent about Shared Parental Leave

New fathers are entitled to more than the two weeks paternity leave, so why aren’t they taking Shared Parental Leave?

Carrie Gracie leaves the BBC after winning fight for equal pay

As Carrie Gracie leaves the BBC, we are reminded of how she won the battle for fairer pay, but not the war

LGBTQ+ community faces wellbeing crisis due to lockdown

The impacts of lockdown and the pandemic has worsened the mental wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace

The top female founders who secured the most funding across the world

Despite the challenges they may face, here are the female founders who are leading the start-up game from all corners of the world.

What are the options for school-leavers on A-level results day 2020?

Thousands of school-leavers receive their A-level results this week, but how can they begin their careers in a global pandemic?

What will happen to the students and graduates of COVID-19?

As recruitment is no longer a priority, current University students and recent graduates are left without options.

Diversity and inclusion is not just a tick-box exercise

Toby Mildon’s book Inclusive Growth details how businesses can truly implement diversity and inclusion

Future Stars of Tech Awards 2020: A look at the diversity advocates

As the Future Stars of Tech Awards 2020 celebrates the next generation of tech leaders, we focus on the nominees for diversity advocate.

Future Stars in Tech Awards 2020: Diversity Advocate revealed!

Winning the Diversity Advocate Award at the Future Stars in Tech Awards 2020 is set to open new doors for Olivia Hake.