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Future Fund loans showcase the lack of diversity in VC and start-ups

As 13 men devised the Future Fund Loans during the coronavirus, diversity has been left behind by the Government loan for businesses.

The diversity dilemma of COVID-19: the gender pay gap during the pandemic

Female workers across the world are putting their health on the line to battle COVID-19, but what is being done for them?

Wilson James: the journey of creating a diverse workforce – part 1

Wilson James’ CSR Manager Susi Farnworth details what businesses can do to not only recruit, but retain a diverse workforce.

A guide to helping your employees with children work from home

The coronavirus epidemic has sent children home across the country, leaving those working from home with more workload than anticipated.

Trans discrimination in the workplace – how to protect your employees

There are 1.9 million trans people in the UK, and more than half of them have had negative workplace experience due to their gender identity.

Remote working is not as doom and gloom as you may think

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, more people across the world will be remote working than ever, but how can you make the best of it?

Working from home – how to facilitate the movement

Working from home has risen globally by 159% since 2005, and amid the COVID-19 outbreak, it has surged in popularity.