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Tech is a changing world, and employers need to keep up

Tech in the 21st century dominates human life, and Ana Gillan says the tech industry needs a new human-focus if it wants to succeed

Red Hat: women in STEM need the support of both genders

It’s not enough to simply support other women in STEM; both genders need to work together to see gender equality in the industry

Wilson James: The journey of creating a diverse workforce – Part 2

In our second interview with Wilson James, we ask why improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace should be a priority for businesses

The Virtual Women in IT Summit Silicon Valley gets personal

With the world being run by IT, how do you keep the human touch?

Why should businesses invest in emotional intelligence?

Investing in emotional intelligence will change companies from their deepest roots, says Rajkumari Neogy, an executive coach like no other.

Can you really develop and maintain virtual relationships?

Developing virtual relationships has become the new norm, and Tina Gravel says the world best get used to it.

It’s time to rethink the traditional recruitment process

PitchMe is rethinking and reworking the recruitment process, highlighting the previously unseen potential of job applicants.

What is the future of corporate social responsibility?

Intel is leading the industry standard by releasing their corporate social responsibility report, detailing their goals for diversity.

How women in the creative industry can support each other online

A new platform for women and non-binary people in the creative industry has become a success

Has the way that the STEM industries treat women changed?

The STEM industries are dominated by men. Here Pooja Malpani, Head of Engineering for Bloomberg Media, shares how she shunned the stereotypes.