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Flexibility for everyone contributes to gender equality in the workplace

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Paid leave and job flexibility could keep carers in work

Carers Rights Day should take place 365 days a year, and employers can help

Alleviating the burdens of working mothers in COVID-19 and beyond

The pressures faced by working mothers can cause many to leave the workforce for good, this female founder believes that employers need to learn the lesson of flexibility if they want to retain them

Is remote working making women susceptible to unconscious bias?

Remote working during COVID-19 means many virtual meetings, where a number of women, including working mothers and women of colour are feeling less empowered during this time

How can we make flexible work policies more inclusive?

2020 has seen the rise of flexible work policies, but what can be done to make them more inclusive in the future?

Teachers and childcare workers are essential, too

Tracey Welson-Rossman, Founder, TechGirlz Charitable Foundation

Can your employer refuse to let you work from home?

As the UK’s coronavirus safeguarding measures continue, Mini Setty explains the law on employees’ rights to work from home.

Shared Parental Leave: discrimination against working fathers?

Almost half of fathers who have taken time off to look after their new born children have suffered Shared parental leave discrimination at work according to a recent survey commissioned by software company PowWowNow.

Managing workplace mental health: the power of high-quality training

Mental ill-health is responsible for almost 13% of all sickness absence days in the UK, while it has been shown that UK businesses could save up to £8 billion per year through better mental health wellbeing support in the workplace. Lottie Galvin from eLearning platform iHASCO explains how.

Fintech has a bigger diversity, equality and inclusion problem than it realises

Paysafe is making strides to embed diversity, equality and inclusion across its workforce but can other fintech firms make the same claim?