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TUC study reveals ugly truth about workplace sexual harassment for disabled women

A TUC report has revealed the high rates of disabled women who have experienced sexual harassment

Employers to be liable if they don’t prevent sexual harassment

Ignoring sexual harassment in the workplace will no longer be an option

Inclusive reboot: a guide to managing workplace sexual harassment

Joel Farrow, MD at HR tech platform Hibob, explains how businesses can prevent against under-reporting of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Government introduces Worker Protection Bill to tackle workplace harassment

New legislation aims to hold employers liable for harassment by third parties

Metropolitan releases independent report on internal harassment and discrimination

The Metropolitan Water discrimination report is now available for the public to view

Quarter of employees believe bullying and harassment are overlooked

CIPD’s new report calls on organisations to train managers to be more effective at managing bulling and harassment in the workplace.

EHRC issues new advice on harassment at work

New guidance on preventing harassment and victimisation in the workplace issued by the UK’s equality watchdog.

#MeToo, Hollywood harassment and the workplace

#MeToo is symbolic of a worldwide movement designed to produce a permanent exchange

More businesses need to address and solve #MeToo issues

With new research on sexual harassment in the workplace, businesses need to establish how to prevent #MeToo issues from continuing.

Lloyd’s of London bans drugs and alcohol with a new code of conduct

Lloyd’s of London takes major steps to curb inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment in the workplace with a new code of conduct that bans drugs and alcohol from its building.