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Universities are failing graduates, and the economy

James Caan CBE says universities need a total overhaul

Graduates get social media skills boost from industry leader

A London-based social media company is helping 100,000 university leavers and undergraduates develop the digital skills necessary to meet business demands following COVID-19

Career mentorship platform targets graduates from diverse institutions

Industry leaders are joining a platform to offer career advice to underrepresented graduates

How young female graduates can turn challenges into opportunities

Despite the unrelenting noise surrounding the gloomy economy, there are opportunities to be had for young female graduates

What will happen to the students and graduates of COVID-19?

As recruitment is no longer a priority, current University students and recent graduates are left without options.

Handshake UK launch set to boost diversity and fairness for graduates

Handshake partnerships announced with the University of Cambridge, University of York and University of Liverpool, with more to come

How businesses can attract, onboard, and retain college graduates

Tips on how businesses can better their workplace, so that it appeals to college graduates and prevents them from wanting to leave.

Graduates – addressing the gender gap in cybersecurity

Many of those leaving university will be thinking: what next? In this feature, we take a look at the gender gap in cybersecurity

Caroline Mantle: In pursuit of equality for women in tech

…and driving change in the traditionally male-dominated space

How culture in financial services can change for everyone’s benefit

Facing its image problem will propel the sector from “zeroes to heroes”