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UK economy losing billions due to gender inequality in British businesses

Women Count 2022 report shows shocking lack of progress towards gender equality in FTSE 350 companies

IWD: Choosing to challenge gender inequality at fletchers Solicitors

Alex Hatchman, CEO of Fletchers Solicitors, knows what it’s like to be a female leader in a male-dominated industry such as law

Germany moves to tackle boardroom gender inequality

Germany’s coalition government introduces historic new policy to close gender gap in the country’s boardrooms

Tackling gender inequality in National Careers Week

This National Careers Week, young people should be able to do anything they set their heart on, regardless of their gender.

My Bravest Year: tackling gender inequality in the tech industry

How female leaders in technology are learning to be brave, confident and more assertive to overcome gender inequality.

Gendered financial inequality in light of a COVID-19 pandemic

Gender pay gap reporting enforcement has been suspended this year, but that doesn’t mean the core issue of gendered financial inequality has been too.

Women in Asset Management: gender diversity exchange app tracks inequality

In our second Women in Asset Management interview, Sophie L’Helias, Founder and President of LeaderXXchange explains why she created the Gender Diversity Exchange app and the importance of having women in the Asset Management industry

Gender pay gap inequality will not close without clear plans, says BITC

Gender pay gap reporting alone is not enough and should include a clear narrative and action plan with time-bound targets.

Mind the workforce gender gap: ways to combat the ‘pink pandemic’

Tips on how organisations, women and allies can address gender bias

Barriers to gender equality in finance start at school

Survey reveals how gender bias in the financial industry starts in schools