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Empathy: The Critical Leadership Skill for an ESG-driven world

Geraldine Gallacher looks at the different skills required to become a fully inclusive leader

Businesses support leading Covenant to show care leavers more empathy

Young care leavers face a multitude of hurdles when starting their adult life, but businesses have come together to make that journey easier

The power of collective empathy awakened in business

Will collective empathy be the new normal when we return to the office, benefiting people with disabilities? Caroline Casey discusses.

Empathy- The missing link to inclusion

Will understanding what drives our decision-making processes lead to an unbiased workplace full of empathy? The ECC explores…

In an AI world, empathy at work has never been more important

What Artificial Intelligence (AI) knows about the Amazon rainforests, empathy and diversity is up for debate, but its impact on workplace cultures is tangible. Colin D Ellis, author of Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work, discusses why.

Building an inclusive organisation: empathy is key to inclusion

In this guest article, diversity and inclusion expert Stephen Frost and co author Raafi-Karim Alidina, share an extract on the importance of empathy in the workplace from their latest book, Building An Inclusive Organization.

We need more empathy in the workplace

Why empathy matters in business

Kind leadership is the key to retaining new talent

It pays to be kind in business reveals new study

How employers can create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace

BetterUp shares year-round steps companies can take to be inclusive