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The benefits of a neurodiverse workforce

Dr Gabrielle Pendlebury tells us how to best support our neurodiverse employees

Wilson James: The journey of creating a diverse workforce – Part 2

In our second interview with Wilson James, we ask why improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace should be a priority for businesses

Diverse workforces hold the skills needed for businesses to survive

Businesses committed to a diverse workforce may find it easier and faster to emerge from the pandemic than those dragging their feet on D&I.

Wilson James: the journey of creating a diverse workforce – part 1

Wilson James’ CSR Manager Susi Farnworth details what businesses can do to not only recruit, but retain a diverse workforce.

Culture first; The key to empowering a diverse workforce

Culture Amp explains why organisations should put culture first, especially in these ever-changing and challenging times.

How to design a workplace that helps your neurodiverse workforce thrive

New “Designing a Neurodiverse Workplace” report redesigns the workplace to be more inclusives and to help an increasingly neurodiverse workforce thrive.

How dxw digital nurtures a diverse workforce for success

Workplaces should reflect the diversity of the world we live in

Fledglink: Possibly the best way to attract a young and diverse workforce

The new Fledglink app – the LinkedIn for early careers – has launched in the UK to help bridge the education-to-employment gap for “Gen Z”.

How a diverse workforce can help fight cyber-attacks

Data analytics: Harnessing the potential of a more diverse workforce

Following a panel discussion at SAS Forum Ireland, Jennifer Major, Head of IoT, discusses why a diverse tech workforce is critical to the industry’s success.