ThriveDX launches Cyber Academy for Enterprise to address talent shortage and promote DEI

In a ground-breaking move, ThriveDX, a leading cybersecurity and digital skills training company, announced the official launch of its Cyber Academy for Enterprise.

The cutting-edge solution is part of ThriveDX’s Human Factor Security suite and aims to bridge the cybersecurity talent shortage while promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry.

The Cyber Academy for Enterprise goes beyond a traditional cybersecurity training programme. It offers a comprehensive solution that enables organisations to reskill and upskill their employees for cybersecurity positions, all while attracting diverse external candidates. This innovative approach addresses the growing talent and diversity gaps within the cybersecurity industry.

Cybersecurity talent shortage and lack of diversity present significant challenges for human resources and cybersecurity leaders. Reskilling employees requires substantial investment while recruiting diverse talent demands a comprehensive understanding of organisational needs. Recognising these hurdles, ThriveDX’s Cyber Academy for Enterprise opens up unprecedented educational opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels.

Roy Zur, CEO of ThriveDX Enterprise, emphasized the significance of the program: “Our Cyber Academy for Enterprise creates unprecedented educational opportunities for all, irrespective of their background or skill level. It not only aids in talent acquisition from outside the company but also facilitates the reskilling and upskilling of current employees, fostering an environment of continual learning and development.”

The global shortage of cybersecurity talent and the expanding skills gap has left over 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs unfilled worldwide. An alarming 80% of organisations attribute recent breaches to a lack of cybersecurity talent and skills within their own company. Moreover, the industry suffers from a severe lack of diversity. The Cyber Academy for Enterprise aims to tackle both of these pressing issues by providing a robust platform for building cyber skills and enhancing diversity within the industry.

The academy offers a holistic training experience, combining rigorous learning with access to virtualised cyber labs and challenges. Trainees will have access to over 1000 hours of immersive learning and hands-on practice, ensuring they are thoroughly prepared to tackle real-world cybersecurity scenarios.

Key advantages of the Cyber Academy for Enterprise include:

  • Access to over 1000 hours of immersive, hands-on training aligned with globally recognised cybersecurity education frameworks such as the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Real-world simulations on a skills-based learning platform, providing trainees with exposure to current threat landscapes.
  • A comprehensive curriculum offering diverse cybersecurity modules tailored to various career tracks.
  • Access to a network of over 1000 professional cybersecurity trainers.
  • Pre-training screening to identify high-potential talent, offering an objective comparison of candidates and unbiased talent assessment.
  • Data-driven post-training matching, enabling optimisation of both internal and external recruitment practices.
  • Partnership option to run the academy in conjunction with leading universities, providing graduates with a university certificate.

ThriveDX’s Cyber Academy has already been implemented and deployed with global universities, enterprises, Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), non-profits, and government agencies. By broadening access to cybersecurity training and employment opportunities across all regions, ThriveDX aims to democratise access to cybersecurity education and create a diverse talent pool capable of mitigating enterprise risk.

“We aim to democratise access to cybersecurity education, allowing anyone, regardless of their technical background, to embark on or advance a cybersecurity career,” Zur added.

“Having already reskilled more than 60,000 learners globally into cybersecurity and related positions, we now provide organisations with the tools to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent, educated in the latest cybersecurity technologies, and capable of mitigating enterprise risk.”

ThriveDX’s Cyber Academy for Enterprise represents a pivotal step forward in addressing the critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals while promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry. By offering a comprehensive solution that combines reskilling, upskilling, and talent acquisition, ThriveDX is paving the way for a more diverse and secure future in cybersecurity.

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