Techfugees: empowering refugees through technology

The number of displaced people on the planet is close to 80 million – a population the size of Germany and a rich source of talent.

iSAW launches LIFT to advance gender equality on a global scale

The platform will promote the advancement of women in business worldwide and contribute to closing the gender gap

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Women taking a stand to move up the managerial chain

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Gender equality is a socio-economic issue and a human right

Governments need to intervene more to drive change, says Trisha De Borchgrave, a powerful advocate of global gender equality

Free “next normal” packaged launched to empower frontline workers

Beekeeper communication platform takes the sting out of the “next normal” to further empower frontline workers.

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Ways to increase professional development for your employees

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My Bravest Year: a lesson in female self-empowerment

My Bravest Year, a programme meant to aid female leaders across the technology industry, is now seeing significant results.