BBC and Getty Images team up to help diversify media

Photographers across the UK are being given access to funding to help them diversify media for children and and families

Carrie Gracie leaves the BBC after winning fight for equal pay

As Carrie Gracie leaves the BBC, we are reminded of how she won the battle for fairer pay, but not the war

Lansons announced as partner of BBC’s 50:50 Project

Lawyers seek a change in ‘attitudes’ to tackle workplace gender pay gap

Law firm warns that compulsory gender pay gap reporting is not a ‘quick fix’ for organisations which are struggling with the issue.

Rising and raising the diversity and inclusion agenda

UK businesses should ditch their ‘diversity dramas’ and watch Hollyoaks instead

Diversity in the workplace should stop being a sexy buzz word, a nice idea “but impossible reality”, a tick box statement…

Mind the gap and raise a collective ethnic voice for change

Recruitment Industry Disability (RIDI) Awards: one month left to submit!

Inclusive employers and recruiters have less than a month remaining to share their stories on engaging with disabled talent by entering the RIDI Awards.