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Skillsoft’s new report reveals DEI courses are in-demand

Report highlights that courses on diversity, equity and inclusion play a pivotal role in building a future-fit workforce

New research reveals the justice industry is lacking in diversity and inclusion

When legal representation falls short: study finds equity, diversity and inclusion is lacking within many British law firms

Terri Moloney, gender diversity in tech – and the work to do

Moloney explains that growing gender diversity in tech is an ongoing process

Removing barriers and creating builders

Passion and purpose: A career story from Salesforce’s Equality Programs Director

Working at Salesforce has taught Bayly Mattes to believe in her strengths, stick to her goals, speak out and try new things.

Burnout and work-related stress is on the rise in the UK

Ahead of National Stress Awareness Day on November 4th, health experts advise on how to prepare for a spike in workplace burnout

Black men: how to change your mindset, escape stereotypes and get ahead

Life Coach Michael Taylor believes ‘Shattering Black Male Stereotypes’ is the fillip to black men progressing in the corporate world

Technology and AI will get women off the bench

UN Special Advisor Radia Funna believes taking a futurist approach will help boost diversity and tackle the problems facing humanity

Why training in diversity and inclusion is a business’ biggest blind spot

Diversity and inclusion training courses are one of the most overlooked areas of many businesses, but they shouldn’t be…

CDS and University of Cambridge to host digital inclusivity workshop

CDS explores why an inclusive strategy is important, what inclusive design really means and how to test with users in context