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QA calls for radical overhaul of apprenticeships to boost social mobility

Apprenticeships minimum wage of as little as £3.90 an hour should be scrapped to turbo charge social mobility and support high tech growth.

The ‘internal roadblocks’ faced by women that defy country boundaries

While researching for her book, Her Way to the Top, Hira Ali uncovered the career limiting internal roadblocks faced by women across the globe.

Women in tech – best practices for gender equality

Gender equality in the tech sector has a long way to go. Especially when tech’s leaky pipeline sees women leave the industry at a 45% higher rate than men.

How to encourage more girls to choose a career in STEM careers

There may not be a clear difference between female and male careers, but society certainly believes that some roles are more suited to girls and others to boys. But what happens when a girl wants to shed the stereotype and pursue a career in STEM?

Women in Asset Management: proving gender is no longer relevant

For our Women in Asset Management Awards we spoke with two inspirational women about how to succeed, while supporting other women in the industry.

Businesses should use Brexit as an opportunity to upskill workers

Brexit is causing a lot of change and unknown within businesses, which is causing employees to experience anxiety and stress. Businesses should counter this by upskilling their workers.

Let’s talk about race. Project Race: big, bold and brave on diversity and inclusion

Rob Neil is a long serving civil servant and for the last three years was head of the Ministry of Justice’s Project Race a fixed term and radically new effort aimed at supporting the department’s diversity and inclusion aims and turning the dial on race equality.

Why businesses should use the Access to Work scheme to support people with arthritis

Businesses are missing out on supporting thousands of people with arthritis through the Government’s Access to Work scheme, new research by charity Versus Arthritis shows.

Women in Finance awards 2019: winners announced

A host of inspirational women in finance were recognised for their outstanding achievements in the sector at the third annual Women in Finance Awards, 2019, on 26 June.

Snappy: gifting employees the perfect inclusive workplace environment

Hani Goldstein, CEO and Co-founder, shares some Snappy ideas on how to create a workplace culture of openness, acceptance, and one that cultivates forward-thinking ideas within a diverse workforce.