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Investment industry floods social media with support for #TalkAboutBlack and Diversity Project’s #IAM campaign

#TalkAboutBlack and Diversity Project campaign to fight against the reductive stereotype

Why I chose an apprenticeship over Uni thanks to social mobility charity

Social mobility charity LTSB jump-starts Justina Blair’s digital innovation technology apprenticeship at NatWest.

Young woman qualifies as social mobility charity’s first female chartered accountant

Leading blue chip company takes on young woman following apprenticeship through social mobility charity LTSB.

Diversity: building the social marketing team of the future

Hootsuite’s Eva Taylor on why diversity benefits all layers of an organisation — especially one grounded in creativity and data like social marketing.

UK’s working-class men are hiding their mental health issues

New research reveals over 4 million working-class men are suffering in silence with their mental health in the UK.

Plexal announces first 10 innovators for OpenDoor – social inclusion programme

The twelve week social inclusion programme will support products, services or projects that make work more inclusive.

QA calls for radical overhaul of apprenticeships to boost social mobility

Apprenticeships minimum wage of as little as £3.90 an hour should be scrapped to turbo charge social mobility and support high tech growth.

Stigma around regional accents is hindering social mobility in the UK

Is being on the board unobtainable for working-class Brits? 55% of the UK report a stigma around regional accents, with London ranked the worst.

Sutton Trust: education is the key to boosting social mobility

The Sutton Trust has helped push social mobility to the top of the political agenda. CEO James Turner reveals how the Trust is helping young people to aim high.

GCHQ launches all-female cyber-skills classes to tackle shortages

GCHQ launches all-female classes in cyber-skills in an attempt to recruit a wider range of online security experts.