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Join our deep-dive session on inclusive mentorship

Speakers will advise delegates on how to implement inclusion-oriented mentorship programmes

Mindset and mentorship – the forces for workplace wellbeing and female development

Mindset training and mentorship are two factors that confidence coach Ramat Tejani says can foster female empowerment and general wellbeing

How reverse mentoring can elevate your DEI agenda

Could reverse mentoring fast-track organisational diversity and inclusion?

New mentorship programme seeks to counter female quit rate in tech

The new initiative aims to build impactful female networks in tech

Career mentorship platform targets graduates from diverse institutions

Industry leaders are joining a platform to offer career advice to underrepresented graduates

Furkan Karayel: effective mentorship boosts happiness in the workplace

Could mentorship be the happiness boost workforces need?

NatWest launches mentoring scheme for female business owners

Joint initiative with Be the Business shows further support for female business owners on National Mentoring Day

5 ways to successfully approach a mentor

Plus: do you know what the difference is between a mentor and coach? Tide explains all…

National Mentoring Day: mentors reveal their top tips for SMEs

To celebrate National Mentoring Day, Andy Hall – mentoring relationship specialist at GC Business Growth Hub – gives a taster of insights mentors can offer to SMEs seeking support.

When you’re ready to learn, your mentor will appear

Michelle Raymond, founder of HR consultancy The People’s Partner, talks about the importance of having a good business mentor.