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Hiring neurodiverse talent: why employer knowledge gaps prevail

Organisations are aware that neurodiverse hires are good for retention rates but lack of resources, knowledge gaps, and access to talent pipelines have stalled their efforts

Government CSIIF invests a further £100,000 in developing diverse talent in cybersecurity

The Government’s Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund (CSIIF) invests in training initiatives focused on encouraging women, BAME and neurodiverse candidates into a career in cybersecurity.

How to help diverse talent enter the boardroom

Failing to hire diverse talent into leadership roles is a commercial mistake

FDM Group to build diverse tech talent via university partnerships

The apprenticeship programme will offer candidates vocational and degree based learning

Building diverse pools of talent in investment management

The UK’s investment management sector is lucrative, but could benefit more from diverse talent

Amazon’s Dr. Rashada Harry on the inclusion programmes available for diverse tech talent

Women are making inroads in the tech sector, but women of colour remain greatly underrepresented

Tackling board inequality with diverse junior talent

Concerns have rightfully been raised about the continuing lack of diversity in the boardroom.

Prodigy Finance: funding the future of diverse top talent

Funding shouldn’t be a barrier to education says Neha Sethi Director, Capital Markets
Prodigy Finance, which helps international students with limited funding options, gain access to life-changing educational opportunities.

UST: Step IT Up helps solve the talent and diversity gap facing the tech industry

Innovative recruiting programme trains and employs underrepresented groups

ThriveDX launches Cyber Academy for Enterprise to address talent shortage and promote DEI