New track celebrating neurodiversity in the UK is released

We Will Rise celebrates the power of difference and raising awareness about neurodiversity inclusion

A new dance track by neurodiversity advocate and rapper-songwriter J Grange to raise awareness about the importance of neurodiversity inclusion is released today.

Featuring the London Community Gospel Choir, We Will Rise, which can now be downloaded and streamed, seeks to raise awareness of neurodiversity, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD and Autism, and celebrate the power of difference.

Forming part of the Umbrella Project by neurodiversity charity the ADHD Foundation, it aims to help raise awareness of people who are neurodiverse and to ensure it gets as much exposure as other forms of diversity, as 20% of the UK population has some form of neurodiversity. J Grange, who has ADHD, is an ambassador for the ADHD Foundation and has been a keynote speaker on the future of education for UNESCO.

The Umbrella Project is a public neurodiversity celebration and installs thousands of colourful umbrellas in public spaces to start conversations and offer more information about neurodiversity. Media company, Clear Channel, has donated over 320 electronic billboards across the UK in support of the campaign.

The track and associated campaign come at a vital time for the neurodiverse community, who are still failing to get the support they need to prosper in education and the workplace. Neurodiversity still fails to be included in many company diversity and inclusion or employment strategies compared to gender, ethnicity, and cultural background.

Furthermore, dyslexic people are up to five times more likely to be unemployed, and dyslexic thinkers make up to four in ten of the unemployed population, while only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time paid employment in the UK, compared with 47% of disabled people and 80% of non-disabled people.

To view the We Will Rise video, click here.

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