New partnership commits to increasing diversity in communications

The communications industry is overwhelmingly white, but HP and TLF are partnering to bring representation to the industry.

HP Inc. has partnered with The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF), to launch the Technology + Social Innovation programme – increasing opportunities for diverse talent in the communications industry.

The three-year programme will support early-career professionals from a minority background in journalism, communications and digital content creation.

The communications industry in the USA is predominantly white (83.6%), despite only making up 76.9% of the general population. However, one in three Americans is predicted to be a race other than white by 2060, so the sector’s investment in diversity now is necessary to bring representation to the future.

Through the programme, participants will have access to mentors and learn new skills sets centred around their career. They will also learn how prioritising sustainability, equality and human rights ultimately drive business success. Aside from the programme, HP will also provide the TLF network with access to HP LIFE, giving participants access to more classes.

The programme will be led by HP’s Chief Brand and Communications Officer Karen Kahn and TLF’s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Kim L. Hunter. The partnership will build on TLF’s mission of increasing the number of ethnic minorities in advertising, marketing and public relations. HP is also inviting its agencies to join the program to broaden diversity and inclusion in communications even further.

HP is committed to diversity and inclusion through their work such as the BE SMART Hackathon, and Karen Kahn thinks TLF is their perfect partner:  “Kim Hunter’s passionate leadership and commitment to diversity are strengthening our profession and creating the next generation of communications leaders.

“HP shares TLF’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive culture across the industry. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it drives innovation and business success. The more our teams reflect the diversity of the customers we serve, the better we’ll perform as a company and as individuals.”

The partnership is building towards the future of communications, says Kim Hunter: “Given the minority will unequivocally become the majority in the near future, this programme is designed to develop the next generation of communicators in the ground-breaking field of technology and social innovation.”
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