Moorepay to offer mental health support as part of its HR services package

Moorepay has become the first HR and payroll provider to partner with Able Futures, which provides the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service. The service helps SME businesses provide their staff with higher levels of support to cope with stress and mental health issues.

The partnership will give Moorepay’s 10,000 SME clients access to advice on stress, depression, anxiety and mental health wellbeing delivered by Able Futures.

Mental health support

The service has a fast response rate phone line for staff who need support and provides a structured nine-month programme to help them manage mental health issues. There is no charge to use the service which is completely confidential.

Able Futures is a nationwide specialist partnership, led by Ingeus UK, set up to provide the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. Support is delivered by qualified health care professionals, a range of specialist partners, and advisors based throughout Britain. It aims to help people coping with work and mental health difficulties have more good days than bad, enabling them to stay in employment.

According to NHS England,  one-in-four adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any given year. Moorepay aims to help small businesses equip themselves better to support team members experiencing these issues.

SMEs lagging behind

More than one-in-five (45%) SMEs with between 10-49 employees are found not to provide good support for staff experiencing mental health issues according to 45% of respondents in an Institute of Leadership and Management survey. The results also found that organisations with 100-249 employees also lack support, according to 42% of respondents. Moorepay wants to change these figures so that employees at companies of all sizes – and particularly within the SME space – are aware of the resources available to them.

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Michelle Hobson, HR Technology & Services Director, Moorepay said: “The work that Able Futures do is so important, and we’re pleased to be able to help them to reach SMEs. Small businesses often don’t have the internal resources to focus on mental health, so the qualified, confidential service provided by Able Futures, for which there is no charge, is a real benefit for employers in this space. Supporting colleagues through mental health difficulties is something that should be discussed more openly and will ultimately lead to a happier, healthier and more productive working environment.”

Jennifer Dillon, Able Futures Head of Delivery said: “Able Futures aim to help people living with mental health difficulties remain in employment. We are delighted that this new partnership will reach many more potential participants, giving them the practical tools and support they need to manage their mental health effectively.”

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