Lockdown lessons from 2020: share your Disability Smart Stories

How has your organisation been disability smart during the pandemic? The Business Disability Forum wants to know.

Business Disability Forum is looking for stories of how organisations and individuals have responded to the unprecedented events of 2020 in a disability smart way.

2020 has been a year like no other with the pandemic forcing many people to change the way they live and work.

There have been and continue to be many challenges. Still, positive stories are also emerging of how businesses and service providers have responded in a disability smart way to meet the needs of disabled colleagues and customers.

For example, some organisations have gone out of their way to learn how to run meetings virtually to ensure everyone can participate fully. There have been shops and business who have found creative ways to serve disabled customers and those who could not leave their homes to get essentials.

There have been many instances in which organisations and individuals have actively sought to ensure the pandemic does not marginalise disabled people.

The Business Disability Forum, a non-profit organisation, is asking businesses to share those disability smart responses to encourage learning and to drive greater inclusion.

Business Disability Forum, CEO, Diane Lightfoot, said: “Our experiences of the pandemic will all be different. Disability Smart Stories is an opportunity for us to capture and share what has worked well, and to carry those learnings forward into 2021.”

The Forum will be sharing as many disability smart videos, vlogs and blogs as possible on its website and social media channels on 3 December 2020 to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  

All stories should be sent to stories@businessdisabilityforum.org.uk by 26 October 2020. The Forum is also encouraging organisations and individuals to get in touch if they wish to contribute in another way.

Go to the Disability Smart Stories page on the Business Disability Forum’s website to find out more.

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