Free survey templates to help business ‘do the right thing’

Culture Amp COVID-19 Emergency Response Engagement Survey Templates bring informed decision-making to any organisation.

Culture Amp, the people and culture platform, has launched free COVID-19 Emergency Response Employee Engagement survey templates so that businesses can assess employee morale, make informed decisions and do the right thing by its people.

The survey templates will enable organisations to assess employee sentiment and understand how people feel about the company’s response during these uncertain times.

Collecting the right information at the right time will help inform the next steps the organisation should take; for example, which, if any, benefits should get cut first, whether sacrifices are fair, and if adjustments are needed to any new ways of working.

“Employee experience is one of the most important business considerations during tough times when an organisation’s commitment to its employees is laid bare,” explains Didier Elzinga, CEO and co-founder, Culture Amp.

“It’s crucial that leaders listen to the concerns of their employees at this time. How they decide to face these moments of trauma will set the behaviour patterns for the future, so it’s important to do the best thing for employees now and over the coming days, weeks and months.”

The survey templates

Culture Amp has launched two survey templates addressing areas such as company confidence, communication and awareness, business continuity, well-being and health.

The Emergency ResponseCOVID-19 Pulse Survey is designed specifically for the current situation and is intended to be an ongoing shorter survey to check-in with employees regularly (e.g., weekly) and track trends over time.

The Emergency Response – Extended Survey Template is intended to gain a full understanding of how employees feel about any fast-changing situation or emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It contains additional questions for most factors, including leadership, role enablement and communication, providing a more extensive selection of questions.

The survey templates are on Culture Amp’s Community hub – where there are also curated and crowdsourced COVID-19 resources to support HR teams through challenging times.
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