Forgotten armed forces spouses remembered by Alexander Mann

Talent acquisition and management firm, Alexander Mann Solutions, and Recruit for Spouses support the forgotten heroes: armed forces spouses.

As the UK marks Remembrance Day in honour of its veterans, two organisations have come out in support of the armed forces spouses, who often face giving up their chances of a career to support their partners.

Global talent acquisition and management firm, Alexander Mann Solutions, and Recruit for Spouses – who helps armed forces spouses find a job or start a business – have collaborated to help more spouses secure flexible work that will allow them to continue to follow their partner’s latest post.

Forgotten heroes

Support for these forgotten heroes has allowed some families to obtain a mortgage, and others able to provide more stability for their children as a result.

More employees across the UK should support armed forces spouses, says Paul Modley, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Alexander Mann Solutions.

Here is why: “Flexibility in work is key at the moment and as more businesses face an increasingly short supply of talent across a wealth of industries, this untapped talent pool needs to be engaged with.

“Aside from the emotional agility, ability to adapt and motivation that these individuals can bring to the workforce, by embracing and supporting their need for agile working, businesses will be developing a stronger connection between employee and employer.”

Untapped talent

Heledd Kendrick, CEO and Founder of Recruit for Spouses, added: “It’s all too easy to forget that this incredible pool of talent is out there and more often than not, is eager to show employers what they can bring to the business. We just need to ensure armed forces spouses are given the chance they deserve.

“Seeing the impact our work has on every one of them both personally and professionally is heart-warming, but we need more organisations to commit to supporting these as well.”

Voice of experience

Rusila Halofaki, one of the individuals who found flexible employment at Alexander Mann Solutions through this collaboration, says: “Being able to secure some form of security for my family is a huge weight off my shoulders and it gives me the chance to better plan for my future.

“Perhaps more importantly, I finally have an employer who is willing to help me grow professionally and for the first time in a long while I have access to training and a career progression plan to work towards.

“It’s also clear to me that the company has fully embraced the benefits of flexible employment. While I’m working away from the office, I’m still made to feel part of the team and have access to colleagues at all times.”
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